Saturday, January 10, 2009

Iphoto 08 to Image File keyword manager (for MAC OS X)

IphotoToIPTC ver 1.0 for MAC OS X (10.4 or later)

This tool uses ExifTool to copy Iphoto 08 Keywords to original image file. Note that IphotoToIPTC is not compatible with previous versions of IPhoto !!!

  • ExifTool. You can download ExifTool for Mac OS at the url ExifTool Page
  • Java Virtual Machine.You need also a Java Virtual Machine installed on your MAC: Sun Java Home Page. Probably you have already a java VM installed on your MAC.
  • IphotoToIPTC (this tool). Download version 1.0 at IPhotoToIPTC Download Link
Please report any bug or suggestions.


Simply unzip in a MyFolder folder and from a shell type:

java -jar MyFolder/IPhotoToIPTC/Iphoto08ToIPTC_1.jar

or right click on the jar file and Open With Jar Launcher

When the java frame is open, open the Iphoto Library and enjoy it!!!

STEP 1: Install ExifTool and verify you have correctly installed a Java Virtual Machine

STEP 2: Launch the application

: Choose IPhoto Library

Step 4:
Customize your settings

Choose backup dir (not mandatory), year to process. The checkbox 'process only empty tags' is useful if you don't wont to process images already tagged (that you know have not been modified). Use it for a faster use.

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  1. Hi ,

    I try the application, but i don't see nothing in my IPTC field. you have a idea about my mistake ?

  2. Hi Tof, what do you mean for 'In my iptc fields' ?

    If you right-click on image file and do 'Get Information' do you see keywords ?
    When you use the tool, it correctly show the UPDATED and COUNT fields ?

    Does the tool correctly open your IPhoto Library ? Can you send me some screenshot ?

    My mail address is


  3. Any chance of updating it to work with iPhoto 09?

  4. As soon as possible !!!

    I hope to modify my tool to work for Iphoto 08 and 09 !!

  5. I can't seem to get it to work with iphoto '08.... it runs and says it's finished, but I don't see the data in the files! My photos are linked to folders, not actually within the iphoto library folder - is that a problem? It detects the photos (lists them all in total number of photos) and appears to run, I just can see no data in there!