Saturday, November 14, 2009

IPhotoToIPTC ver 2 (for Iphoto 09 OSX )

NEW: Iphoto 09 Support !!!!!!!!!!


  • Mac OSX 10.4.2 or higher;
  • ExifTool. You can download ExifTool for Mac OS at the url ExifTool Page
  • (Optional, use it if your photos are stored out of iphoto library folder) resolveAlias perl script. Download version 1.1 at resolveAlias Download Link
  • Java Virtual Machine.You need also a Java Virtual Machine installed on your MAC: Sun Java Home Page. Probably you have already a java VM installed on your MAC;
  • IphotoToIPTC (this tool). Download version 2 at IPhotoToIPTC Download Link

Please report any bugs or suggestions.

Simply unzip in a MyFolder folder and from a shell type:
java -jar MyFolder/IPhotoToIPTC/Iphoto09ToIPTC.jar
or right click on the jar file and Open With Jar Launcher
When the java frame is open, open the Iphoto Library and enjoy it!!!

STEP 1: Install ExifTool and verify you have correctly installed a Java Virtual Machine
STEP2: Copy resolveAlias script in your /usr/bin folder.

Example: Open a terminal, and if you have downloaded resolveAlias in Downloads:

cd Downloads

chmod +x resolveAlias

sudo cp resolveAlias /usr/bin (osx will prompt for password)

STEP 3: Launch the application

Step 5: Customize your settings. If you use external files, check the 'Use External Files' box.
Choose backup dir (not mandatory), year to process. The checkbox 'process only empty tags' is useful if you don't wont to process images already tagged (that you know have not been modified). Use it for a faster use.
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  1. Hi there.

    This tool sounds exactly like it would solve a long standing issue with my workflow.

    Could you shed some more light on which fields are being mapped back to the original file:
    - keywords
    - ratings
    - comment/abstract
    - title
    - latitude longitude
    - etc.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm dying to try this on my photo library, but the download links for resolveAlias and iPhotoToIPTC are broken!

    Please post updated links.


  3. Any chance you can update the broken links?

  4. Since Giuliano doesn't appear to be actively supporting this app here's an alternative tool that has helped me instead: Phoshare

    The requirements are a little lighter as well since it doesn't require the Java engine.